The creative portfolio of web designer Pete Deane - About Me

About Me - The Short Version

Hi my name's Pete Deane, I'm a family man of 32 years old and a passionate graphic and web designer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

I am currently studying towards a BA(hons) Degree in Interactive Multimedia at Huddersfield University. Fresh Forward is my portfolio site where I can showcase my design work from past and present.

In my time in as a designer and my time at University I have learned skills in many design programs and web languages.

Adobe Dreamweaver iconDreamweaver Tick box iconXHTML, HTML4, HTML5
Adobe Photoshop iconPhotoshop Tick box iconCSS 2 & 3
Adobe Illustrator iconIllustrator Tick box iconJavascript, JQuery

Other programs and languages include - Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Adobe In Design, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Photo montage of me

About Me - The Condensed Life Story

I have always had a passion for design since I was a little boy. I loved drawing live objects such as animals and nature scenes. This passion grew into my teens when I started to really appreciate graphic design and modern architecture. Seeing so many well designed buildings inspired me to want to become an architect. However, things didn't go in the direction I had planned. Instead I ended up getting a normal 9 to 5 job - Booooo!!!

The years of being in boring dead end jobs made me want to change career paths and so I had a good friend and graphic designer show me the basics on Photoshop. From that point onwards design has had a heavy influence in my life.

Over time I taught myself more and more skills in Photoshop and went on to design flyers and posters on a regular basis for nightclubs and club events as well as for local shops and even advertising for a clairvoyant.

Then in 2006 I met my partner Amy and in January of 2008 we had our first child together. He's the little dude in the picture with me.

That point changed my life forever and gave me the focus I needed to change things for the better. It was that point that made me realise how important it is for me to be in a career doing something I'm good at and that I thoroughly enjoy and one which will help me ensure my little dude has the best life he can possibly have. That's when I decided to take a course at Huddersfield University studying Interactive Multimedia with the intention of finding a career in the Web Design industry. I chose this subject because of its strength and longevity. It's one of a few industries that will never fall and will only keep on rising.

Having now completed my first year at University I can honestly say that I made one of the best decisions of my life so far. I have learned so many new skills which I have put into my freelance work and I always try to keep up with new trends and techniques to further those skills.

So there you have it, my life story compacted into 5 minutes of quality reading.

I have compiled a variety of examples of my work on my portfolio page. Please feel free to have a look.